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It all started in 1976, at Strathfield Sydney, where our company director Robert Speirs-Ferrari established a licensed building and design company providing building advice solutions, architectural designs and hands-on construction. In 1986 at Lane Cove Sydney, Robert established a Building Diagnostic Consultant firm, and in 1989, the Building Diagnosis Centre Pty Limited for Building Engineering Consultants and Building Dispute Consultants.

Our Experts
Our Experts

Building Diagnosis Centre have building engineering consultants and building inspectors with a wealth of knowledge. They are chartered fellow and accredited building consultants, and specialists forensic building consultants. They will eliminate your faulty waterproofing, concrete corrosion, building faults, disputes, issues with asbestos and building access for people with disabilities. Call Robert to discuss your building inspection.

Expert Advice
Expert Advice

Our senior building consultants will give you expert advice how to prevent building damage, resolve construction problems, causes of corroding waterproofing damage, faulty concrete and steel structures. We supervise remediation, inspect faulty construction work and handle building contract disputes regarding costs and faulty work complaints. Call us today and talk about it with Robert Speirs-Ferrari.

We give best expert building advice Established 40 Years


Building Consultants   Waterproofing Consultants   Building Experts   Building Dispute Forensics   Building Specialists Since 1986

Technical Building & Waterproofing Engineering Advice

Building Diagnosis Centre Pty Ltd Manly, is one of Sydney’s leading multi-disciplinary chartered fellow accredited building and waterproofing specialist to residential, commercial and government sectors.

We permanently resolve building waterproofing engineering construction issues. Property owners receive specialist advice. Ensures properties comply, are structurally sound, free of building faults and defects. Waterproofed ready to occupy or sell. “Ring an expert anytime on 0408 911 210 or 02 9402 0140.” email –


Client satisfaction is correct diagnosis of building issues

Our clients’ satisfaction stems from our correct diagnosis of building and construction issues. Achieved by our dedicated, well-qualified, enthusiastic building and waterproofing specialists. “Our experts have 30+years experience, are licensed, registered and insured”.

We offer verbal information and advice to our clients, during our joint building inspections of construction and waterproofing faults. Our building consultants and waterproofing specialist ensure our findings identify:

To discuss how we can assist property owners to resolve a particular building issue, contact Robert Speirs-Ferrari. Robert is our senior building waterproofing consultant specialist, and will give FREE limited initial advice. Telephone Robert on 02 9402 0140  0408 911 210.

Diagnostic Building Investigations As passionate multi-disciplinary building problem solvers, our aim is always to achieve what is best for our clients’ buildings and structures. Why, as properties are required to comply, and to continue to perform satisfactory when purchased by new owners. We achieve this by best practice property inspection surveys, investigating construction work in progress, checking materials containing bonded fibro cement asbestos, evaluating contract documents, specifications, architectural and engineering drawings, and local council approvals. Properties are also assessed against the National Construction Code Building Code of Australia (NCC/BCA), Australian Standards and manufacturers’ technical data sheets. We give expert opinion evidence in Fair Trading and Courts.

Expert Verbal Reports /Photographic Reports / Written Reports Verbal reports – These oral reports are given to our clients at the property and contain best expert opinion evidence and practical advice. Our verbal advice includes explaining the causes of the contract dispute issues, the reasons the faulty work occurred, the remedies and solutions of the building and waterproofing defects as well as the construction damage that occurred and if damage is due to normal ‘wear and tear’. Advantages – includes given in person immediately at the property that allow the client to discuss and fully understand the situation or otherwise given by phone conference whilst at the property or later from our office.

Photographic evidence reports – Photographs we take of our inspection areas is relied upon for future evidence, as well as used to prepare a quick turnaround photographic evidence report with captions and a covering letter of our findings. Advantages – photograph documents can be served on the other party as a stand alone evidence document as a strategy to settle a building issue. Also later forms part of the more expensive comprehensive written expert report.

Written Reports – When required, our expert written reports fully document our observations, testing, opinions, and with our practical solutions that may include specifying the necessary work scope for costing by our preferred experienced independent remedial builders – we can project manage the remedial works when instructed by the client.

Project Manage Waterproofing Issues Our chief expert Robert Speirs-Ferrari*, project manages our clients’ works for quality control inspections of waterproofing membranes roofs, roof and wall flashings and remedial work at critical stages to certify compliance and progress payments. Common complaints and remedial work is water related defects to strata units’ balconies, terraces, flat roofs, wall flashings and rising/penetrating damp. We commonly give advice on the effects of water ingress from strong wind-driven rain, due to faulty waterproofing membranes; a key factor requiring expensive rectifications. Robert continues to put people in safe and sound waterproofed buildings and structures.

Project Manage – Spalling Concrete Issues Coastal Corrosion Strata Damaged Buildings Our chief expert Robert Speirs-Ferrari*, project manages our clients’ works by inspecting remedial work at critical stages to certify compliance and progress payments. Common complaints and remedial work is water related defects. We commonly give advice on the effects of water ingress from strong wind-driven rain, due to faulty waterproofing membranes; a key factor requiring expensive rectifications. Robert continuously puts people in safe and sound waterproofed buildings and structures.

Building Disputes Dispute Expert Technical inquires for expert solutions to building disputes, are handled by our chief forensic expert Robert Speirs-Ferrari*. Robert is a leading building and design expert, advising clients on best solutions to damaged building construction and claims made under Home Warranty Insurance – NSW Home Building Compensation Fund. Robert represents clients at NSW Fair Trading mediation, NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) and Courts. As expert witness Robert complies with all requirements of the Expert Witness Code of Conduct.

*Building Expert Litigation Consultant Robert Speirs-Ferrari FAIB MMBA MBDA NBPR AffilIEAust chartered fellow building professional, accredited building consultant, waterproofing consultant, consulting building designer, licensed builder and licensed asbestos inspector with 40-years’ career experience in the building and construction industry. Robert gives general and specialist building construction advice on causes of building waterproofing complaints and disputes together with practical solutions.

Our Consultants Use A Proven Diagnostic Procedure

Our professional procedures provided by our qualified experienced multi-disciplinary chartered and accredited building consultants, waterproofing consultants and structural engineers, suits all properties in residential and commercial strata buildings (and industrial and local government structures). Our proven systematic approach identifies construction concerns, complaints, damage, faulty work and materials. This results in our building experts properly diagnosing and determining building damage sustained, causes, and required solutions resolving building and construction disputes. Part of our building inspectors and forensic building and waterproofing experts proven systematic approach is our 10-point methodology listed below.

We have a 10-point service methodology leave no stone unturned!

1 Discussion – we need to know the full history of the building issues (may be a waterproofing issue). 2 Inspection – we undertake our visual building inspections. 3 Testing – perform moisture meter tests that could be for rising damp or ingress of water through walls or balconies or roof membranes. 4 Examination – we may need to provide physical exploratory intrusion into wall cavities etc to determine the true root causes/problems. 5 Assessing – we analyse and evaluate our findings and provide research. 6 Reporting – preparation of the expert’s report and merge photographic evidence that we photograph at the property. 7 Remedial work – our conclusion will include comprehensive scope of rectifications. 8 Recommendations – we recommend remedial building contractors for quotations. 9 Contracts and manage – we arrange NSW Fair Trading building contracts and project inspection manage the work certifying at critical stages, progress payments, and on completion. 10 The Results – Once we’re done, the benefits to our clients is a sound, safe, waterproofed property.

Our Consulting service fee proposals

Clients receive our “obligation-free consulting service fee proposal”. Our proposals are detailed explaining our consulting services and fee costs for the best methodology service required to resolve building issues, complaints, damage and building disputes. Most of the time due to the many unknowns regarding the extend of building damage and causes, we provide estimates. We include our usual terms and conditions for the protection of both parties.

Building Information on building defects and dispute issues

Our website contains a wealth of information and knowledge gathered from our building consultants and waterproofing consultants’ real life cases of building and construction problems, damaged and faulty buildings. Just click open our subject headings below or our expertise menu tool bar. We are quite happy to take calls to answer questions about our services and how we would help you.  

Call and ask for Robert Speirs-Ferrari on   02 9402 0140 or 0408 911 210


Our clients are individuals, firms and government

  • Strata managers, business managers, law firms, insurers, loss adjusters, industrial, hospitality, infrastructure buildings of state and local government, and discrete owners of properties of residential, strata, commercial and retail.
  • We consult to managers of Public Heath, education institutions, place of worship and heritage building structures.
  • We assist genuine professional building investors, developers, builders, contractors and tradespeople.
  • We offer professional assistance to building designers, architects, structural engineers, loss adjusters, quantity surveyors, project engineers, building consultant profession when our specialists expertise is required.

Why do clients talk about us!    Are they satisfied?

  • ‘We found them to be a leading boutique multi-disciplinary team of building and design experts handling our construction problems.’
  • ‘Your sound building advice, got our construction work back on track and to council requirements’.
  • ‘Your technical inspection and scope of works reports, were prepared suitably for our builder to understand the complex design hence reason we engaged you to project manage and supervise our build’.
  • ‘Your specialist diagnostic building and waterproofing inspections ensured our work was certified and achieving compliance with council conditions’.
  • ‘Your physical destructive investigations discovered the true root causes of our water ingress, faulty work, and damage caused to our building, hence the developer followed your specifications for the remedial work that fixed our building issues’.
  • ‘You resolved our serious building complaints, our faults and the building contract dispute regarding our general building maintenance and repair issues. This kept us and our builder out of court’.
  • ‘Your formal assessment and expert reports, specifications and photographic evidence secured our argument to proceed with NSW Fair Trading NCAT 175 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW 2000 and later relied upon in the Sydney District court John Maddison Tower 86-90 Goulburn Street Sydney NSW 2000′.

Seek fast information and response to your building faults!

  • Please write your building issues on our “Contact Us” page, and our chief Building Expert Robert Speirs-Ferrari will respond promptly.
  • Please click on Expertise link – Consulting Services Snapshot (above) or click Expertise in toolbar – a ‘library’ of building issues and how we resolve them.
  • For better understanding who we are, what we do, the way we do things, the type of building issues we resolve and information that we can provide! Than take time to look through the following.
  • Otherwise please call our office on (02) 9402 0140 and mobile 0408 911 210 and email us at 

Our core consultancy business is building and waterproofing investigations

  • Waterproofing Consultants – we offer independent expert advice on causes and solutions of ingress of water and failed waterproofing membranes during our inspections and at post-forensic investigation. Our head consultant has 40 years experience in the building construction industry.
  • Building Consultant – we give objective expert advice, solutions and forensic investigations of all structural building damage. Includes inspections of concrete spalling, cracking, corrosion, magnesite strata floor damage and steel corrosion. We will also project manage remedial rectifications to your property.
  • Chartered Building Professionals – we provide professional expert inspections and advice on causes of building construction faults and materials. We handle your building complaints, building contract costs variations and work in progress. We will provide you with detailed user-friendly reports and specifications for the rectifications.
  • Building Dispute Experts – we provide comprehensive building assessments, expert opinion evidence and advice in our Technical Inspection Reports on building issues and disputes. We act as independent expert witness to proceedings in courts and in Fair Trading NCAT and Home Building Compensation Fund insurance claims for plaintiffs or defendants. We provide names of reliable builders. Refer to our Links page for remedial builders’ list.
  • Expert Witness Code Of Conduct – our expert witnesses prepare expert reports for building disputes that comply with this code according to NSW Fair Trading NCAT and Courts.
  • Code of Practice, Ethics and Codes – our senior chartered accredited building consultants and waterproofing consultants abide by these rules as professional members of the following building industry associations:
    • Australian Institute of Building
    • Australian Institute of Building Surveyors
    • Australian Institute of Architects
    • Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors
    • Australian Institute of Building (Land) Surveyors
    • Master Builders Association Accredited Consultants
    • Building Designers Australia
    • Engineers Australia
    • National Trust of Australia, and
    • Trades Monitor Ebix Australia and Strata Community Select. 

Litigation – We provide building consultants’ expert opinion evidence advice

  • NSW Home Warranty Insurance Fund (HWIF) insurance claims
  • NSW Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF) insurance claims
  • Home Building Act 1989 – PART 2C – Statutory Warranties
  • Faulty new construction and remedial rectifications
  • Coastal salt attack of deteriorating building structures
  • Waterproofing membrane deterioration and failures
  • Water penetration internally including subsurface seepage
  • Faulty work assessed against the contract or approvals
  • Incomplete work not according to the contract
  • Non-compliant work breaching the specification contract
  • Spalling and cracked concrete slab floors including rust corrosion reinforcement steel
  • Concrete spalling and rust stain damaged and cracked balconies
  • Sagging cantilever strata balconies
  • Concrete damaged facade of coastal properties adjacent to surfing beaches
  • Wall cracking movements and subsidence
  • The safety of balustrades and stairways
  • Identifying Asbestos fibro cement building materials
  • Building access requirements for people with disabilities

Our court expert witness litigation building reports reference Codes & Acts

  • Building work not in accordance with building contracts, plans and specifications
  • Contract breaches of building law; National Construction Code Building Code of Australia
  • Breaches of Australian Standards and manufactures specifications
  • Breaches of residential construction
  • Breaches of Home Building Act 1989 and Home Building Regulation 1997
  • Breaches Office of Fair Trading NSW Guide to Standards and Tolerances 2007

See list of building faults and disputes – We provide genuine, solid, objective specialist advice

  • Structural faulty and defective strata unit buildings especially ingress of water
  • Waterproofing and structural damage claims 
  • Roof and balcony waterproofing membranes and flashings
  • Assessment of latent building defects usually waterproofing related
  • Spalling concrete testing, magnesite and cracking investigations
  • Rust corrosion of structural steel and reinforcement in concrete
  • Rust corrosion of metal roof cladding and steel framework
  • Wall cracking investigations from foundation movement and rust corrosion steel
  • Building contract variations and disputes usually building defects
  • Building inspections and investigations of complete structures
  • Building disputes and litigation on majority of building matters
  • Diagnose and recommend solutions for waterproofing and building works
  • Prepare specifications and design particularly on remedial rectification work
  • Obtain costings from reliable builders on behalf of property owners
  • Project manage remedial work and assess progress payment claims
  • Expert witness opinion evidence building inspection reports
  • Scott Schedules and professional expert witness services for Fair Trading, NCAT and Courts

Common structural building corrosion complaints – That we resolve

  • Waterproofing membranes and flashings
  • Spalling concrete chloride induced corrosion
  • Magnesite induced corrosion strata unit floors
  • Brickwork chloride induced corrosion strata unit walls
  • Balcony and balustrade rust corrosion structural steel
  • Concrete damaged facade of coastal properties adjacent to surfing beaches

As “problem-solvers” we take care of your needs

  • We give sound advice, diagnose building defects, faults, damage, deterioration, defective workmanship and building complaints / disputes.
  • We thrive on rectifying strata apartments suffering the effects of coastal salt attach damage to waterproofing membranes causing spalling concrete (cancer).
  • We prepare special purpose inspection reports and specifications for property owners and building managers. We supervise and project manage remedial rectifications.
  • Our consulting building designer and chartered architect examine non-compliant building and construction work to local Council and to the National Construction Code Building Code of Australia. Our nominated chartered architect is David Trinder AIA registration number 2121
  • We compile technical evidence and assist clients and lawyers in Sydney courts and Fair Trading Inspectors regarding complaints and at NSW NCAT building cases.

Talk to our chief building waterproofing consultant Robert Speirs-Ferrari

  • Robert Speirs-Ferrari FAIB MMBA MBDA NBPR AffilIEAust is our chief and mentor. He is an established building and design expert for 30-years since 1986, and with a total of 40-years professional and practical experience in the building construction industry. He provides his clients with expert opinion advice and evidence to settle disputes.
  • His qualifications includes to a master’s degree level (UTS), and his professions include a chartered fellow building professional FAIB, an accredited building consultant MMBA, a building designer consultant MBDA, a licensed waterproofing consultant OFT and as a qualified experienced licensed practicing master builder OFT.
  • Robert is also a licensed bonded cement asbestos certifier, inspector and supervisor WCA ‘so his got you covered’.
  • Robert will answer your questions, so just contact our Northern Beaches Manly Sydney office on 02 9402 0140, Mobile 0408 911 210 and email

We have helped thousands of clients

  • Whether you live in a residential house, strata unit complex, the manager of a commercial, local government or industrial property, we can assist you with specialist building consultancy, building information, inspections and forensic investigations. 
  • We assist you with our specialists expertise. This includes to assess and resolve all types of building failures, damage sustained due to faulty construction, waterproofing failures, building movement cracking, spalling concrete coastal corrosion and salt induced dilapidation damage.
  • We advise you if work is illegal or built not according to Council approved drawings or the building contract. We will provide you expert opinion if you are already in a building dispute or to prevent a building dispute occurring.
  • We provide you, with a practical easy to comprehend, expert building inspection report to resolve whatever building issue you are faced with. We will attend meetings with you and your builder, architect or engineer or strata manager to aid in resolving any disputes.
  • We can do this as we have extensive building and construction and design experience, preparing practical and objective scope of works, specifications and producing building expert opinion evidence reports for your strata or your solicitor, and for Fair Trading NCAT / Court.
  • If you are renovating and require a building specialist consultant or project manager on your side, we prepare specifications for your builders, and for waterproofing remedial works.

Benefits to our clients

  • We give remedial construction professional technical ‘plain english’ advice.
  • This is given to our clients at our building inspections and over the phone.
  • Our clients are kept well informed.
  • We advise on the necessary steps to take and ensure the client understands the severity of their actions.
  • We provide the type of expert reports and Scott Schedules reports necessary to successfully settle claims and disputes.
  • We prepare clients with strong evidence when forced to attend consumer Tribunal NCAT or commercial litigation in court.
  • Our best approach is relying upon our sound design and construction experience giving practical advice.
  • We reference the National Construction Code Volumes 1 and 2 Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards.
  • We refer to building contracts, approved drawings and specifications and manufacturers’ requirements.
  • We draw on our experience from 1000’s of forensic investigations and reports advising on damaged buildings, construction faults, building contract disputes, and coastal atmospheric corrosive damage i.e. spalling concrete and  floor magnesite explosion particularly strata and local government heritage properties. 

We have accreditation and chartered status – Decades of experience

  • Accredited Senior Building Consultants MMBA
  • Chartered Building Professional FAIB
  • Chartered Builder FAIB
  • Master (licensed) Builder MMBA
  • Building Designers MBDA
  • Structural Engineers M.I.E. (Aust) CPEng NPER
  • Chartered Quantity Surveyor FRICS FCIOB AAIQS
  • Registered Land Surveyor MIS NSW
  • Consulting Chartered Architect AIA – Disability Access and Egress 
  • Conservation and Heritage Consultants LMAPT LMSHA LMASHA MNTA 
Robert Speirs-Ferrari FAIB MBDA MMBA NBPR AffilIEAust

M.Dsgn(UTS), GradDip.Dsgn, GradCert.Dsgn, Cert.ArchHerit,
Dip.BldgConst, Cert.Lic’d Bldg, Cert.Lic’d Asbestos Superviser, Cert.WaterproofConst,

Managing Director, Principal MBA Accredited Building Consultant, BDA Building Design Consultant, FAIB Chartered Fellow Builder, FAIB Chartered Fellow Building Professional, WCA Asbestos Inspector, OFT Licensed Builder and Waterproofing Consultant