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We give more expert building advice
We give more expert building advice
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Our Diversified Project Consignments

  • Building Diagnosis Centre Pty Limited forensic building consultants, waterproofing consultants, building engineering consultants and asbestos inspector consultants, headed by Robert Speirs-Ferrari FAIB, NBPR, MMBA, MBDA, AfillIEAust, Robert is a remedial building expert in building engineering, construction and design, has provided advisory services since 1976 to many thousands of clients.
  • A cross-section of clients’ projects both current and recent within the last 10 years has consistently dealt with properties of heritage to contemporary residential strata units; commercial strata offices; local government infrastructure; shopping centres and car parks; churches; schools; and swimming pools as seen below.
  • The overview identifies and represents a cross-section of consignments where our building consultants have identified building conditions and faults and recommended solutions that will be helpful for non-technical property owners and their property managers experiencing building problems.
  • Water penetration, spalling concrete explosion damage, rust corrosion of structural steel, issues with faulty workmanship and materials, and assisted clients with building disputes in CTTT/NCAT tribunals and court case.

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  • Boot Factory heritage 3-storey 120 year building 27–29 Spring Street Bondi Junction (Waverley Council). Investigations to dilapidation survey; safety hazards regarding potential collapse. Feasibility study; design waterproofing solution for eroding masonry and mortar facade; – project manage to make safe stabilisation of bowing wall movements and structural floor connections deficiency with structural steel internal bracing and propping. The solution has met the client’s brief.
  • Eastgate Gardens Shopping Centre 71 Spring Street Bondi Junction (Waverley Council). Investigations to 28-year-old multilevel car park and retail shops – waterproofing membrane deterioration, leaking podium under tennis court, swimming pool, expansion joints. Seeping cracked concrete slab carpark/driveways, spalling concrete corrosion, rust corroding structural steel and fire service sprinkler pipe and hydrant. Design solutions and estimates.
  • Spotlight building (originally 1920s roller skate ring) 65 Ebley Street Bondi Junction (Waverley Council). Investigate chronic rust corrosion of steel structure and steel truss roof frame constructed into concerning/cracked bowed solid brick masonry walls.
  • Chambers Building Waverley Council Bondi Road Bondi Junction. Investigate facade; report, specification, assist with public tender, project inspections of spalling concrete corrosion and waterproofing concrete facade.
  • Pavilion Grandstand (Waverley Council) Bondi Road, Bondi Junction. Investigations and dilapidation assessments including intrusive excavations and core samples for NATA laboratory testing on contamination (chloride and carbonation) of chronic spalling concrete damage rust corrosion structural steel supports. Recommendation grandstand not viable to rectify (now demolished).
  • Bondi beach-Waverley Council concrete 4m diameter tunnel structures; kiosk, storage rooms and lifesavers equipment store under esplanade Queen Elizabeth Drive. Investigations to chronic structural spalling damaged concrete caused by saltwater seepage. Design temporary structural propping and feasibility study for demolition/reconstruction.
  • Bondi Beach Pavilion community cultural centre (Waverley Council) Queen Elizabeth Drive Bondi Esplanade. Investigate spalling concrete of internal heritage spiral staircase. Recommendation for rejuvenation and structural floor support.
  • Bondi beach Lifeguard Watchtower on esplanade Queen Elizabeth Drive (Waverley Council). Investigate dilapidation assessment for suitability of materials resilient to salt spray and to a waterproof facade.
  • Bondi beach concrete storerooms under esplanade Queen Elizabeth Drive (Waverley Council). Investigations to chronic structurally damaged spalling concrete caused by saltwater seepage. Design temporary structural propping and feasibility study for demolition/reconstruction.
  • Bondi footbridge – Pavilion Campbell Parade Bondi (Waverley Council). Investigations assessing structural cracking and spalling concrete damage. Recommend spalling concrete repairs and waterproofing solutions.
  • Bondi beach south dressing room/toilet amenities at Notts Avenue (Waverley Council). Investigate for rectification of spalling concrete cracking and water penetration. Recommend solutions to rectify and waterproof.
  • Bondi beach – surfboard club storage under esplanade Queen Elizabeth Drive (Waverley Council). Investigations assessment report to spalling concrete and water penetration. Recommend rectifications.
  • Tamarama dressing room/toilet amenities (Waverley Council). Investigations to spalling concrete and salt attack eroding brickwork – water penetration damaged structural rectifications.
  • Marks Park Tamarama dressing room/toilet amenities (Waverley Council). Investigations to spalling concrete and water penetration damaged structure. Recommend rectifications.
  • South Bronte beach dressing room/toilet amenities (Waverley Council). Investigations to spalling concrete and water penetration damage. Recommend structural rectifications.
  • South Bronte beach concrete shade shelters picnic areas (Waverley Council). Investigations spalling concrete from saltwater penetration. Recommend solutions and waterproof.
  • Community Hall Beacon Hill (Warringah Council). Report on a visual survey of spalling concrete explosion of encased steel frame columns causing cracking, and dislodgement to footpath below.


  • Sheraton Hotel on the Park Elizabeth Street Sydney Hyde Park – Investigations include abseiling as rainwater penetrates 20th-floor executive suites from tiled terraces and roof terraces above and from glass atrium roof. Design and project manage investigation include physical destructive work to walls and terraces. Estimate rectification costs. Specify the waterproofing membrane system. Recommend a list of remedial builders.
  • Heritage Cinema 541-549 Darling Street Balmain – conversion in 1997 to strata units and excavated basement carpark suffering water intrusion through walls and around windows, corrosion of interior masonry walls and steel lintels over windows. Assessment included abseiling the roof. To Inspect large gable wall for waterproofing, re-strengthening against earthquake resistance, roof conditions and poor construction allowing water penetration.
  • Doltone House Function Centre Pyrmont Heritage Wharf 26-32 Pirrama Rd Jones Bay Wharves – water penetration from commercial kitchens into office strata units below – design and project managed waterproofing membranes and reconstruction of two commercial kitchens.
  • Woolworths’ shopping mall 463 Illawarra Road Marrickville – assessment report of non-compliant carpark traffic barriers and balustrades re compliance for impact resistance, and resistance to water penetration causing failure by spalling concrete damage.
  • Bonds Nursery Flower Power Mona Vale Road, Terrey Hills – disable access assessment report of proposed new development and asbestos check. Recommend solutions and rectification of faulty work.
  • Pie Face 68 Druitt Street Sydney – assessment report recommendation on ‘access and egress’ to restaurants to comply with the Premises Act 2010. Including controlling rising damp in walls and alterations to the front entrance and floor construction.
  • Pie Face 707 George Street Haymarket – assessment report on ‘access and egress’ to restaurants to comply with the Premises Act 2010. Includes recommendations to control rising damp in walls.
  • Nursing home (3) Assessments for disable access and assessments for DoCs long-day child centre assisting architect with requirements.
  • Diplomats Apartments 22 Albert Street Edgecliff – 60-year-old 10-storey – design and project manage caretaker’s flat, rectify spalling concrete, waterproofing, eroding brickwork, lower roofing height for views and feasibility studies of adjoining land.
  • Commercial 10-storey building 20 Albert Road Edgecliff – assessment and project managed building waterproofing membranes to concrete balconies and major alterations to garage car parking and construction of fire-rated party walls.
  • Pie Face Sydney domestic and international Airports – access and egress Audits for disable access to proposed shops and kiosks to comply with the Premises Act 2010.
  • Hotel Haymarket research Sydney City Council archives for intending overseas buyers of a Sydney Hotel relating to compliance, dilapidation and history of repairs regarding spalling and waterproofing.
  • Professional suites and restaurant 53 East Esplanade Manly – 1920s 5-storey building. Assessing condition throughout and recommendations to strengthen or replace street awning over public footpath suffering structural deterioration of the steel supports causing potential unsafe conditions to pedestrians below. Discussions with Council.
  • Dentist surgery 3 Sturdee Parade Dee Why – 9-year-old premises with strata unit block above, suffering 9 years of water seepage through surgery. Report and specification to resolve water intrusion issue and negotiate with adjoining commercial neighbour for access to rectify building and damage.
  • Huntsman Corporation laboratory building 77 Denison Street Matraville – investigate the cause of water penetrating through new roof sheet membrane, inspection of roof surface and slab soffit within removable ceiling panels. Make recommendations for rectification including spalling concrete rectifications.


  • St Mary’s Catholic heritage 1905 church 2 Raglan Street Manly – investigate, assist with heritage reports. Prepare specifications and plans for Manly Council approval. Project manage major rectification and replacement of the steep pitched asbestos roof and strengthening original timber truss roof framing to stop further roof spread. Construct floor and lighting in attic for maintenance safe access, manage internal restorations to exposed stained timber roof trusses and finishes thermal and acoustic insulation in roof; treating of sandstone block walls within upper parapet gables; Air-Cell vapour barrier insulation; new parapet flashings set in sandstone; installation of new ceramic roof slate tiles from Italy; stainless steel anchors for safe abseiling access; and new ColorBond steel bird proof ventilated roof ridge. New copper sheet roofing, downpipes and gutters completed during school holidays.
  • Buckova Pty Ltd Miles Special Builders & Hansen Yuncken government schools project – 13 properties throughout western suburbs. Investigate and provide technical report and specification to divert a $1,000,000 dispute re faulty protective hot dipped galvanised coating and 98% zinc touch-up coating of wrought iron steel balustrades and fencing to new school halls.
  • O’Connell Catholic Heritage College Armidale 35 Kirkwood Street – Assessment of water penetrating causing eroding sandstone and brickwork to large gable overhanging parapet wall. Specifications for remedial work. Discuss with local project management firm of required methodology for remedial work.
  • St Mary’s Catholic Church Offices 2 Raglan Street Manly – Investigate, design, specify and project manage major alterations to offices, kitchen alterations, a new doorway to courtyard and construction of new disable toilet amenity.
  • Manly West Primary Public School Griffith Street, Balgowlah – feasibility study and design “aftercare centre” block, call tenders and assessment report of asbestos in children’s toilet blocks.
  • St Mary’s Catholic School Whistler Street Manly. Investigations and report of spalling concrete damage and water penetration, asbestos roof sheets to school and recommendations.


  • Heritage cinema conversion 1997 to SP51499 541-549 Darling Street Balmain to strata units and basement carpark suffering water intrusion through walls and around windows, corrosion of interior masonry walls and steel lintels over windows. Assessments include abseiling over a roof to inspect large gable wall for strengthening against earthquake resistance, roof sheeting, flashing conditions and poor construction and advised solutions.


  • Residential above ground swimming pool 22 Lisle Street Narrabeen – investigations to 1-year old reinforced concrete swimming pool regarding waterproofing and reinforcement steel corrosion and make the recommendation for solutions (CTTT) now NCAT.
  • Warringah Aquatic Centre swimming pool (Warringah Council) – Report visual survey of spalling concrete explosion of roof slab soffit, causing dislodgement to disable ramp below.
  • Lane Cove Aquatic swimming pool (Lane Cove Council) – report the visual survey of spalling concrete cracking, leaking pool water, unsafe tiling to coping, and recommend the solution.
  • 13 Mons Road North Balgowlah – Residential in-ground swimming pool investigations. Technical report on contract works not completed, faulty workmanship and incomplete construction for major structural rectifications and waterproofing (CTTT) now NCAT.
  • Cook + Phillip Aquatic swimming pool College Street Sydney – visual inspection and verbal report on the cause of water penetrating concrete block walls at window junctions and penetrating through the base of walls from main promenade stairs.
  • 71 Spring Street Bondi Junction (Strata Towers). Investigations to 28-year-old concrete swimming pool suspended above the car park below – concrete swimming pool suffering spalling concrete explosion damage to the underside of the floor that has had a number of attempts to rectify to no avail. Seeping cracked concrete slab supporting the swimming pool suffers rust corrosion to structural steel and fire service sprinkler pipe and hydrant. Design solutions and estimates.


  • SP66300 1-3 Delmar Pd DEE WHY – 10-year-old strata unit block, suffering 10 years of water seepage through a base of foundation walls. Prepare specification to resolve water intrusion issue. Evaluate tenders and make a recommendation, including project manager licensed builder, licensed waterproofer and licensed plumber to rectify building and damage for Owners Corporation via strata manager.
  • SP63915 23 Jubilee Avenue Carlton – investigations into the cause of black mould and dampness occurring to the internal walls and ceilings of a townhouse constructed beneath the tiled terrace to 3 other townhouses above. Cause of water penetration from defective waterproofing membrane and lack of professional detailing.
  • SP10217 6 Francis Road Artarmon – investigations and testing of black mould and water penetrating through the ceiling and light fittings in a unit located beneath the main roof membrane on common property. The problem has been occurring for approximately more than 10 years and assessed the waterproofing membrane needs replacing.
  • New Units 54-56 Meeks Street Kensington unit development – provided expert advice to Dr Clement Maloof developer from construction certificate documentation stage for commencement on new three-storey with basement carpark. Consultancy includes redesigning waterproofing issues and specifications for developer’s architects.
  • SP9651 349 Victoria Place Drummoyne – investigations of the external recently installed cement render that is deteriorating throughout the external multilevel unit block.
  • SP70855 14 Upper Gilbert Street Manly – investigation as to the cause of water and moisture penetrating terraces into the basement garages below, found waterproofing flashings at wall junctions faulty.
  • SP8450: 59 Wrights Road, Drummoyne 1970s multi-storey level strata residential occupied building – Evaluate current work in progress re rectification of spalling concrete damage floor from water and moisture migrating through magnesite floor topping. Evaluate the repair process and appropriate waterproofing and cementitious concrete materials to remediate the damage and excavations to four (4) suspended reinforced steel concrete floors. Provide a detailed independent report and recommendations.
  • SP7021 46 Robertson Street Kogarah – 30-year-old 4-storey high strata units inspection audit of spalling concrete damage and water penetration, call tenders, make a recommendation to owners and supervision of the building contractors works. Wall cracking and corroding steel lintels evidence and required recommendations that include our valuation of waterproofing and cement type products proposed by the remedial builder that will be the bases of other work to be carried out at the property.
  • SP63607 95 West Esplanade Manly –5-storey high with 2 levels of basement car parking strata units. Provide forensic assessment report of water penetration and non-compliance / deteriorating building components of work carried out under home warranty insurance that has been rectified twice since major alterations and additions were carried out to upgrade the building in 2000.
  • SP35581 44 Cliffbrook Parade Clovelly ocean front 6 level apartments – investigate and oversee physical destructive invasion and testing of materials of faulty workmanship and failed waterproofing balcony membranes, planter boxes, wall flashings, non-compliant aluminium sliding doors, causing spalling concrete damage, corrosion of non- compliant mortar joints in face brick walls. Prepare reports, specifications, call tenders and provide periodic inspections of remedial work in progress. Evaluate changes in required work, variations of costs and report to owners of strata manager. Handle disputes.
  • SP1520 28 O’Donnell Street North Bondi regarding building dispute of alleged faulty work and materials regarding waterproofing, rising damp, installing damp proof courses, installing of cross-flow ventilation, and installing subsurface drainage systems.
  • SP1557 117-119 Dolphin Street Coogee – 60-year-old 3-storey strata units. Investigate water intrusion and prepare reports, specification, design and submit to Randwick council DA/CC. Project inspections for the upgrading of roof structural support beams, waterproofing membranes, tiled decking, new ColorBond steel roof frame and cladding, replace brick and steel balustrade with stainless steel/safety glass balustrade to the perimeter of terrace roof.
  • SP57123 22 Bent Street Neutral Bay – 12-year-old strata units on a hill slope. Investigate and manage physical destructive intrusion to walls and concrete slabs. Provide reports and specifications, call tenders and provide contract administration to rectify waterproofing membrane issues, wall cracking due to lack of expansion joints and certify completion. Provide dilapidation inspection re proposed works in adjoining new development.
  • SP2300 9 Osborne Road Manly – 1960s four-storey strata unit assessment report on water penetration/spalling concrete to balconies. Investigations include project managing destructive concrete excavations to determine the extent of spalling corrosion. Prepare specifications, building contract, call tenders and make recommendations to Owners Corporation.
  • 18 Fairlight Street Manly – strata unit pre-purchase re cracking inspection report and rectification solution of vertical cracking and wall movement caused by brick growth and lack of expansion and control joints. Water penetration solutions.
  • SP56937 16 Milner Road Artarmon – strata units assessment and report with a recommendation to rectify spalling concrete corrosion, water penetrating through concrete slabs, defective waterproofing membranes, dislodging terrace floor tiling, inadequate drainage, structural damage safety hazard conditions of timber balustrade retaining walls.
  • SP6231 82 Milray Ave Wollstonecraft – 15-year-old two-storey apartments’ assessment report and specification to rectify water penetration causing spalling concrete. Evaluate faulty workmanship and give advice re previous builders’ work.
  • SP72907 803 King Georges Road Kogarah – 3-storey block of units over ground floor shops. A report advising solutions for water intrusion and wall cracking movements including deteriorating and faulty work waterproofing roof membrane.
  • SP4331 48 Lagoon St Narrabeen – strata unit suffering internal spalling concrete floors due to water penetration through cavity wall flashings. Technical report and solution include advising strata manager and owner. An inspection found faulty rectification work and advised changing builders.
  • SP51024 1 Thomas Street Waitara – 15-year-old 8-storey strata units. Investigations, reports, specification and project inspections of spalling concrete roofs/parapet rectifications, includes defective waterproofing membrane, stone pebble ballast and temporary waterproofing to roof slab for a three-year period
  • SP3881 74 Crown Road Queenscliff –4-storey 30-year-old strata units. Investigation and report relating to (CTTT) now NCAT claim are two builders disputing being responsible for defective waterproofing membrane and workmanship, and damage sustained to the interior of two strata units.
  • SP15525 289 Arden Street Coogee – 3-storey 60-year-old strata. Assessment and expert report on a dispute of common property garbage enclosure causing a nuisance to the occupant. Design solution specification and estimated cost to relocate garbage enclosure a preferred location. (CTTT).
  • Company title 160 Marine Parade Maroubra 4-storey 50-year-units; Assessment and expert report of spalling concrete sagging internal floors and external balconies due to water intrusion through defective membranes and balcony door flashings.
  • SP61067 171 Blair Street North Bondi – 20-year old 2-storey
    strata units with basement carpark. Assessment and the expert report includes exploratory works to determine a cause of rising damp, lateral damp and seepage flooding interior basement units and parking.
  • SP77559 10-16 Marquet Street Rhodes new modern strata multi-storey units. Assessment and report include investigations of water penetration through terrace roofs of the penthouse and common property control joints in external walls. Discussions with committee members and building contractors for a solution.
  • SP216 21 Alexandra Street Hunters Hill Heritage sandstone strata building – investigation and survey audit to the interior and subfloor space, suffering water penetration and corrosion of sandstone block materials to the foundation walls. Evaluate expert reports and previous specifications. Provide technical report and specification re neglected maintenance to rectify water penetration causing lateral and rising damp and damaging interior not fit for occupancy in preparation for CTTT now NCAT.
  • SP3539 109 Ocean Street Narrabeen – 40-year old 4-storey strata units. Report peeling membrane and wall paints and deterioration for expert opinion for Tribunal hearing at Stockland House Castlereagh Street Sydney on $400,000 strata unit claim representing the Owners –v- Insurance company under HWI scheme – Robert Speirs-Ferrari evidence were preferred in a settlement.
  • SP69492 18 Ocean Road Narrabeen residential complex above commercial and retail shops. Assessment and expert report of water penetrating aluminium sliding doors causing damage to internal walls. External wall cracking due to omitted expansion joints and cement render dislodging to ground from curved balconies. Joint expert’s inspection for HWI insurance claim
  • SP10807 110 North Steyne Manly ‘Aquablu’ Building – technical inspection audit report and recommendations of 6-year-old 4 storey units throughout the common property and basement garage areas prior to statutory warranty period run out. Advise on rust corrosion, early evidence of spalling concrete and balcony crack seepage. Pre-purchase inspection report for Penthouse wall cracking and lack of movement control joints.
  • SP1030 112 North Steyne Manly –30-year old 4-storey block of units – inspection audit of spalling concrete structurally sagging balconies and water penetration internally from balcony sliding doors, and recommendations to demolish all wraparound balconies and for new balcony door frames to suit the oceanfront environment.
  • 189 Sydney Road Fairlight – 40-year-old 4-storey strata units Assessment and expert’s report of remedial solutions for spalling concrete damage in balcony floors, water penetration through faulty and corroding metal deck roofing and parapet flashings. Sagging concrete floors causing cracking to the soffit and allowing moisture penetration causing spalling concrete corrosion.
  • SP64415 48-50 Birriga Road, Bellevue Hill – physical destructive investigations to luxury apartments. Technical report specifying rectifications of 9 years’ water penetration since construction throughout all balconies, causing water penetration into living rooms and bedrooms causing wall damage and rotting carpets.
  • 1114 Pittwater Road Collaroy Flightdeck – penthouse on the 12th floor suffering major structural spalling concrete to slab floors (and cantilevered balcony) including spalling to the ceiling of the unit below due to water intrusion through door sills, walls, roofs and beneath balcony tiling. Provided investigations for 18 months and reports to owners corporation and attended (CTTT) now NCAT mediation insurance claim payout.
  • SP2949 1150-1152 Pittwater Road Collaroy – 35-year-old 3 and 4 storey units. Investigate and report on corrosion deterioration from salt-water spray migrating face brickwork causing brick and mortar joint corrosion. Rectifications include render and waterproof membrane coatings. Terrace roof membranes, tiling and spalling concrete repairs under project management services. Prepare drawings to submit for DA consent.
  • SP2300 3 Osborne Road Manly 4-story high units. Assessment and project inspection of physical intrusive exporter works to walls and concrete regarding waterproofing and spalling concrete damage to balcony floor slabs and internal floors of units. Prepare specifications for rectification and call costs from builders.
  • SP2025 5 Osborne road Manly 4-story high units. Assessment and project inspection of physical intrusive exporter works to sagging concrete balconies due to serious spalling concrete damage to the parameters and omitted waterproofing at initial construction. Prepare specifications and call costs from builders.
  • 62 Mary Street Lilyfield – 40-year-old three-storey strata units assessment regarding rear upper-level unit with faulty alterations and extensions construction causing water intrusion and poor quality workmanship -prepared experts report for CTTT now NCAT hearing. The case settled with Robert Speirs-Ferrari evidence.
  • SP70392 355 Kent St Sydney, 30-storey multi high-rise units. Assessment and technical report after carrying out physical destructive intrusion to the internal slab ceilings that spalled due to inferior concrete slab floors at time of construction prepare specification and call tenders for repairs.
  • SP49705 “The Wardleigh” 52-54 Kings Cross Road Kings Cross – multilevel strata units suffering water penetration to the penthouse terrace due to alterations and additions suffering faulty design and construction work. Waterproofing membrane and ColorBond metal roof suffer waterproofing ability issues.
  • SP1520 28 O’Donnell Street North Bondi – investigations and testing of rising damp within ground floor unit that remains some damp after extensive subsoil drainage works were designed by engineers and installed by waterproofing experts, including increasing the air ventilation beneath the floor system. Prepare an expert report for legal proceedings.


  • 36 Tasman Street Dee Why – investigations of construction work in progress of a two-storey house assessed faulty work with bathrooms’ waterproofing, balcony waterproofing, balcony construction, and inappropriate waterproofing to windows in walls, damp-proof course flashings faulty and ColorBond roof flashing faulty. Prepare Scott Schedule report for Fair Trading intervention.
  • 13 Meyer Street, Enfield – investigations to a Federation residential home as to the cause of serious structural wall movement settlement/sinking an extensive structural cracking throughout the building walls, contributed by tree roots from adjoining properties, and sewer drainage pipeline leakage. Prepare an expert report for destructive excavations and potential for court proceedings.
  • 4 Delaigh Avenue Curl Curl – asbestos inspection survey to a residential house for the purpose to document bonded fibro asbestos sheet wall and ceiling linings for preparation to carry out major improvements.
  • 40 Bruce Lane North Curl Curl – asbestos inspection of the bathroom wall linings assessment for removal and replacement with suitable safe materials.
  • 133 Melwood Avenue Killarney Heights – survey inspection and specification for recently constructed three-storey luxurious home. To rectify extensive water penetration due to defective waterproofing and membrane. Rectify cracked terrace slab roof causing seepage to internal damaging ceilings. Water penetrating glass gable roof and to extensive cracked concrete roof parapet. Faulty constructed balustrade and project management.
  • 188 Warringah Road Beacon Hill – 20-year-old two-storey residence. Investigation and prepare specifications, architectural and engineers drawings for major alterations and additions include solving waterproofing and seepage issues. Seek Council approval, project manages the works including taking a role as a master builder to complete the project on time.
  • 23 Barcoo Island Sylvania Waters -two-storey mansion assessment and DA objection report on proposed adjoining development causing drainage problems, overshadowing, privacy and noise.
  • 12 Parr Ave North Curl Curl -2009 constructed three-storey house – investigations of faulty workmanship and materials – exposed to the ocean suffering waterproofing defects causing water intrusion to the interior of main bedroom ensuite. Prepared experts report for CTTT hearing.
  • 65 Penrith Avenue Wheeler Heights Hill – assessment report of illegally constructed timber deck on adjoining strata common property damming natural seepage water causing issues and brick foundation movement. Provide a specification for the solution of water flow and waterproofing.
  • 22 Ocean Road Manly – assessment and report plus specifications to rectify major water flooding damage through three-storey
    structure – acting for the owners v the insurance company.
  • 2 Nargong Road Allambie Heights – prepare design documentation, obtaining council approval, provide cost estimates to rebuild a current small timber-framed asbestos clad residence to a large two-storey mansion.
  • 421 Condamine Street Allambie Heights – inspections for major improvements throughout a residential house, including architectural and engineers drawings and contract administer the building works.